Real Estate Listing Services

Adelaide Realty helps clients quickly find purchasers or tenants for their mission critical facility.  Adelaide Realty can find the right buyers and tenants and because of Adelaide Realty’s technical strength, we can properly market the key attributes of such facilities.

We assist our clients determine the market rates for facilities which can often obtain a significant premium if the proper attributes of the space are marketed to a suitable buyer.

When offers are received on mission critical facilities, much more care is required to properly determine the structure of the counter-offer and covenants regarding availability, cooling, security, network connectivity and access.

Once an offer has been accepted, much work is typically required in a mission critical facility to finalize the agreement of purchase and sale or agreement to lease. Adelaide Realty provides our clients and their lawyers with the technical support that they may need during this process.

For landlords, Adelaide Realty provides ongoing administration of leases and can provide ongoing operational management of technical facilities if required to provide a complete solution.

Tenant Representation

Adelaide Realty works with tenants to look for technical facilities which meet their physical, technical and connectivity requirements.

At the outset of an engagement, we work to understand the business and operational requirements of our client and determine how they translate into the requirements of a technical facility. Once those requirements are determined, we are able to accurately search the marketplace to quickly identify technical facilities that match the requirements of our client.

Once a short list of facilities has been selected, Adelaide Realty will determine exactly how the operation and equipment of our client will function in the third party facility. We can assist with preparing ongoing operating plans, budgets and schedules and even plan the relocation to a new facility.

We assist our clients with the preparation of offers or negotiation of contracts with respect to space and also with respect to power, cooling, back-up facilities, security and networking.

Experience in the IT and construction industries means that Adelaide Realty can negotiate on behalf of tenants to obtain the technical facility that they are looking for within their budget constraints.

Once a client has signed an agreement, we provide a full range of services to assist our clients with the move into that technical facility and can support that client on an ongoing basis within the facility.